wildness under the skin…

Poets’ Pub prompt from https://dversepoets.com/

  • today’s prompt suggested a beautiful title for the poem I submitted yesterday; so I hope nobody feels I am cheating by re-submiting:

… There is a wildness under the skin…

anticipation is it

of the cold to enter my skin

as I sit in the central-heated room

for days now

or of success my life’s work might finally see

or failure for that matter?

today I have let her music fill the room

and I know:

it’s anticipation of more warmth

has me shiver


~ by Barbara S on January 25, 2022.

11 Responses to “wildness under the skin…”

  1. Ha… yes it fits well again

  2. A great addition to the poem, Barbara: it really sets the mood!

  3. Yes, it is fitting!

  4. Anticipation for me – a feeling of wildness, of uncontrollable longing or fear.

  5. *applause*

  6. Both prompts fitted well. Nice. Happens.

    Much love

  7. My goodness this is gorgeous! 💝💝

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this Barbara.

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