daily tasks – haibun

dark forest night

death – to rise again

in love not knowing


to live my life, my calling, I have a practice or daily routine – in the widest sense not dissimilar to steps 10-12 in the 12-step program (as in my case encountered in Emotions Anonymous in 1996*)

-be honest with myself and others

-grounded in a meditation practice

-sharing what I learn

Sometimes I change techniques I use, but the core remains the same. And there are a few slogans I am sometimes reminded of that make me smile or give a sense of relief:

‘I will have a program – I may not always adhere to it, but have it I will’ – to fend off any rigidity;

recently it dawned on me that a tendency to overeat certain foods may have its root in not taking care enough of the LIGHT-WITHIN, in a grounded and real, practical sense. So I have re-introduced an element of FOCUSING to my morning routine, along with a choice of mindfulness meditation routines. Focusing exercise concludes with greeting what arrives and then – acting on it. Thus the haiku above came about.

*I remember with gratitude the female Zen-teacher and RC nun who recently told me she was a member of that 12-step-program, too.

Up pops another memory, from a reading of an AA-classis: ‘We are like everybody else – only a bit more so.’


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~ by Barbara S on January 21, 2022.

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