one-coloured world*here

blinding sun –

frosty morning

on my bike through town


*reminded of Basho, who described winter as ‘one-coloured world’ in a haiku, Mark S from the Naturist Weekly recently shared. Hazy sunshine, blinded by the low sun coming through between houses as I return from the dentist make the day feel somewhat surreal. Having turned nocturnal a while ago, I had to get up with only a few hrs sleep to get to the appointment – very glad I did though. A warm friendly team, including the dentist, a slim woman, not much younger than myself. She offers I pay for professional tooth cleaning by instalments which is very much appreciated. It seems now, the surreal feel to the day was even introduced in the communication with one of the assistants who took the x-ray. She seemed to mumble in a very strange way – expecting me to act on prompts after only half-sentences. Of course, the muffler aka covid face mask does not help. I figure out after a while she probably has a mild foreign accent with an overlay of the local lingo (I am not all that familiar with it). But all are of good will, so we manage to establish which mouthwash I am allergic to. And the dentist gives me an option – root canal treatment or antibiotics? Further treatment is postponed until I will have discussed this with a GP I am booked in to see in a week’s time.

I can’t believe my luck – warmth and professionalism in the small dental practice plus kindness also add an aspect of the surreal to the day. Later I study which homeopathic remedy to try in lieu of or while waiting for the GP’s verdict and it dawns on me that the paralysing fatigue that has had me in the grip for weeks has something to do with this tooth (which hardly aches) and that’s a relief as such general symptoms decide which homeopathic remedy to try. Sick to another of my back teeth.


~ by Barbara S on January 13, 2022.

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