d’Verse Poets Pub prompt – Food



the emptiness within*

beyond nourishment –

light springs to life



*the homeopathic remedy Ignatia has been described as suited for a hollow feeling in the solarplexus, even straight after a meal

~ by Barbara S on January 11, 2022.

14 Responses to “d’Verse Poets Pub prompt – Food”

  1. This went way beyond food.

  2. This is deeply poignant!

  3. Interesting
    Happy New Year

    Much love…

  4. I just looked up homeopathic ignatia. Very interesting!

  5. Nice work!

  6. nah – if you keep eating, you’ll fill it up 😉

  7. Nice haiku! You can come over to the Traveler’s End,if you feel so famished 😉

  8. The best spice is an empty stomach.

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