muse is – a quadrille

following the prompt from Poets Pub @


compassion is a verb

god is a verb

muse is a verb –

so when they are all being DONE:

WHAT is there for ME to do?

compassion is a verb

god is a verb

muse is a verb

HOW will I fare

when resting NOW?


(the author in the middle of her winter retreat, recovering from burnout)

~ by Barbara S on January 10, 2022.

8 Responses to “muse is – a quadrille”

  1. So glad the author is retreating. So important, sometimes. My muse has been on a “long winter’s nap” style hiatus, as well. Glad you found some inspiration here. 🙂

  2. Sometimes it’s important to rest so as to kick start the muse 🙂 Lovely write.

  3. If you find real rest, absorb it and store it for those long draughts of godding, musing, and commissioning. Also, share with all of us where your secret reserve is located. 😉 Much enjoyed.

  4. nice use of capital letters to good effect, Barbara.


    • thanks David; seems to one of those cases where I have to say – I am only writing – interpreting is other people’s business; interesting that you point this out though: It must have come from musing beyond my conscious awareness. 🙂

  5. Poets are just the vessels. Very nice.

  6. This is a profound poem.
    favorite line: “god is a verb.”

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