where does it end

digging ancestry –

still in a foul mood


Randomly selecting one of UCLA MARC’s meditations this morning, I ended up with ‘facing uncertainty’ – and – surprised myself by finding that in one of those periods, during Fall 2006 – I showed steely determination in the midst of great uncertainty and – came through. My paternal-side-inheritance, I gather. Glad to have remembered that – at the end though, I find myself still in a foul mood. So maybe I have to tackle this one with humour and – Schulz is the go-to guy…

PS – had to add acupressure points on my feet (li/k) and tissue salts for liverish symptoms and a bit of singing bowl before I could get on with my day in the end. 😌

~ by Barbara S on December 28, 2021.

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  1. *hug*

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