to come alive

solitude – it flows

close to invincible*


*in the memory of the NFSH healer in Edinburgh who told me around Nov 1995: You can overcome all that, you have so much love in you… – as I was moaning about a job I was overqualified for while being cheated out of the pay due even at that level.


it appears to be a life-long task for this introvert, when she finds herself grumpy or swearing under her breath – to recognise that she has allowed herself to get overwhelmed, has neglected honouring her need for solitude and space, including silence.


Ernesto Cardenal’s meditations were an eye opener – I found the book at my place of work 1984. They had dealings with the publisher. It opened my eyes to what had always been my refuge growing up.

~ by Barbara S on December 27, 2021.

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