a family not
yet full of denial –
no housing

sharing human desire
as an echo
from afar

These haiku-like poems were inspired by a visit to poet’s corner – my first.

In my practice of spending Christmas on my own, hermit-like, to my surprise, I found myself last night watching a Christmas movie about families of various shapes, having not much more in common than that they live in the same house.

Their broken attempts at celebrating are being laid bare through various mishaps. An accident, as the vicar himself puts it later, because he was the one suffering a little slip in the snow, brings out the humans and brings them together in the flat of a woman who cooked too much for two.

Among other aspects, I read the core of the story as saying: A tradition followed blindly, needs to be broken to become real.

The first haiku, though, is my take on the blind repetition of legend, nay ideology.


haiku submitted to

~ by Barbara S on December 25, 2021.

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