Blessed be…

… the introverts who accept who they are – that’s the way to be or become a blessing.

Of course, being an introvert-in-recovery is part of my option of spending the time in retreat.

But it’s not all of it.

Perhaps it’s because it’s such a family event, that I feel myself intensely living Thomas Merton’s street corner experience at this time…

Thomas Merton's Mystical Vision in Louisville - Spiritual Travels

… and it may be why Mt Carmel spoke to me just outside the Monastery.

Muhraka Carmelite Monastery, Mount Carmel National Park next to Haifa |  National parks, Israel, Mount carmel
National Park Mt Carmel, Israel


PS I am only too aware that I am prone to typos anyway, but today I was tempted to leave one in: … the Monstery… (was not what spoke to me on Mt Carmel 😛)

~ by Barbara S on December 23, 2021.

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