Kandinsky on the Spiritual in Art

… together with an inspiring article:


~ by Barbara S on December 18, 2021.

5 Responses to “Kandinsky on the Spiritual in Art”

  1. Thank you for the link to the Kandinsky meditation.
    My wife hooked a rug inspired by Kandinsky’s “Color Squares with Concentric Circles.” Now I know why we give it pride of place. 🙂

    The Stimmung
    Art’s lingua franca
    Do souls grok

    • hello Cog, I am glad you enjoyed a bit of background to your wife’s inspiration. I admire craft skills while not having any myself. Enjoy 🙂

      • Hooking is an art. 🙂

      • btw I’d never heard the expression but just assumed it was some americanism for needle work…

      • American tattoo artists do some fine needlework.
        American poets, I like to needle about their sentences.
        Hookers, well, there are varieties, possibly all artists.
        But all of that is, as you say, Btw.
        The Kandinski meditation, I grok, and appreciate the link on your site, as I intended to say with my lune. 🙂

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