Kwansaba – d’Verse poetry prompt: I played that scene


a praise poem of/in African American culture:

I played that scene for all that

was in it, for all that was

in me*. For the first time I

realised the fabulous extent of my luck

– if I could do that, if I

could give what I felt had not

been done for me, I could live.


*”I played it for all the coloured kids in the audience, who held their breath, they really did, and for my mother and father and for the little Leo.”

– found poem; James Baldwin, Tell me How Long the Train has been Gone – fictional lead character and actor Leo Proudhammer, interior monologue while on stage during what would become his breakthrough play. – Celebrating innate faith – here in African American culture – once recovered from the enslaved state of mind and the oppressive bigoted evangelical ‘faith’ , Baldwin himself had had to exorcise.


~ by Barbara S on December 16, 2021.

15 Responses to “Kwansaba – d’Verse poetry prompt: I played that scene”

  1. Such a good fabulous luck! Yes, you can.

  2. Touching write. Happiest of holidays to you and yours my friend, and every blessing in the new year Barbara! πŸ™‚

  3. soooo beautiful * What a worthy life. And yes, you can do it. And thank you for doing it. I bless you. Happy holidays.

  4. Very evocative and I love the imagery throughout your words.

  5. Love that you used one of my favorite writers as inspiration! Wishing you joy and peace this Holiday Season!

  6. Barbara β€” May the joy of the season fill your heart here at the closing if the year 2021, and may peace abide in 2022. This is a most difficult time for our planet earth, and a time of turmoil for its peoples. May 2022 begin the way back! ✌🏼❀️🌎

  7. The joy is more in giving than receiving.

  8. This is beautifully poignant! πŸ’πŸ’

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