far afield

hello Saudi Arabia calling

hello hello Saudia Arabia calling

for hrs for hrs on the loggia in front

of my hotel window.

Grumph, I bet they could hear them

without a phone – what can you expect

what do you expect…?

Eventually, on my day of rest,

sleep shirt and all,

I arm myself with a polite notice

scribbled on a page from my note pad:

Be mindful you are in earshot

of a traveller seeking


and what I ask you do I get –

an apology* and the most beautiful

smile from a young brown face.


*as this is happening in my native Germany, these guys probably had not expected to communicate with a neighbour in fluent English. Thus the surprise may have helped. But they seem genuinely polite.

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~ by Barbara S on December 14, 2021.

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