A story with many beginnings seeks endings…

In October 1972, after a car accident, I was in hospital. Only for some 10 days I didn’t know and it was not because of my head injury. No, I was given a sedative that made my brain go a bit loopy. It would be some 35 years before I’d know the technical term for what happened: Iatrogenic injury. I was very, very lucky because on the ward was working a young Dutch psychiatrist who saw the light – and switched off the sedative – and there I was, no more loopy, but scared stiff. Fast forward to 2010. You find me working in a psychiatric hospital in England. The psychiatrist, a kind-of motherly type likes to have the patients around. So many were there for 10 years or more. She was good at what she did: Prescribing medication, medication, medication – and if it did not help -you guessed it: more medication. Nobody there had yet named the percentage of iatrogenic injury in that place. And, I mere social worker, with no medical training, certainly would not give a diagnosis. Unfortunately, though, I caught a psychiatrist virtually lying lying about how they’d cared for one young disturbed woman, a mere girl at the time – a bit loopy and scared stiff…

Let’s see how the story goes on:virtually

~ by Barbara S on December 13, 2021.

5 Responses to “A story with many beginnings seeks endings…”

  1. This is the first time that I learned the full story.

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