royal treatment for once

one of the modern passages, away from the shopping precinct, under Dusseldorf central station looks tiled with marble. I gather it will be fake marble, but shinier and fresher than have seen any station in a long time, certainly not in Britain (St Pancras aside) where they all seem pre-World War I, including the urine stains and stench in underpasses. My rollator has me in tow heading for the chargeable public toilets. They are equally bright and clean, the guard wearing a white jacket, chef-like. He jumps up and opens a door for me – disabled access is free (that I have seen at St Pancras and Victoria coach stations too). It is very welcome, as is the wide space of the disabled toilet itself. The following day, at another station. I will have the delight to ring a bell to call the attendant who will rush to my side, to open another sparkling clean facility. All on account of my rollator.

fresh and clean –

no hurdles in this one


for years I had been struggling with luggage to squeeze myself through the gates if I could find the change to pay. It was first at Victoria coach cation that I discovered I could ask for ground level accessible facilities, but access was withdrawn once the pandemic started.


changes outlook –

day ahead I walk tall


337x380 Old People And Their Walkers | Old lady cartoon, Cartoon clip art,  Cartoon character design

~ by Barbara S on December 8, 2021.

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