d’Verse prompt Prose – Lost and Found**

Some years ago, a woman about my age, dressed cheerfully outrageous, ambushed me in a public library to tell me – her story with mindfulness meditation. She described how you were supposed to share loving kindness with others, first loved ones, then a wider circle and then even those, you didn’t like, resented even and – beyond. As I listened to her, my heart leapt, reminded of Diana Winston at the end of the meditation for working with difficulties:’you are not alone’. Whether that was Diana’s intention or not – that outlook has become my orientation, if not calling, my version of ‘I dress in their stories patterned and purple as night’.* For me it seems more a case of – embodying whatever kernel of light a personal story has or has not got. It is is what sense Life made of the lost child that was me.

*Kimberley Blaser, When We Sing of Might


Good Grief, Charlie Brown! review | Art in London

**The poet St. John of the Corr OCD, writes: When I am not to be found at the common places, some will say I am lost, And indeed, in getting lost I was found (quoted from memory.)

~ by Barbara S on December 6, 2021.

8 Responses to “d’Verse prompt Prose – Lost and Found**”

  1. Barbara, your prosery is powerful and empowering to read. What stands out for me is: “It is is what sense Life made of the lost child that was me.” I’m glad Life spoke to you in a way you could make sense of ❀

  2. Nicely done. This definitely a warm and loving feel to it.

  3. A lovely write!

  4. I like what you did with this: embracing the lost child within ourselves is so important!

    • Ingrid, may I ask that when you comment you share impressions in the first person rather than make a statement, which in this case ends also with your judgment of the events as you understand them. I also have to watch myself, I still find it easy to slip but I do demand it of myself to try… πŸ™‚

  5. Such a warm, dmpathetic write, and a reminder to all who read…

  6. I like it -dmpathetic -dumb and pathetic, lol you are not the first one… 🀣

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