fresh air on my cheeks

rough carpet under my feet –

having packed what I need

Last night I was getting a bit worried that I would be able to get all my packing done in the time planned when I set my alarm clock – but then reminded myself that instinct kicked in when planning and I would be ok. And I am, ready with a quiet hour to spare before the taxi picks me up.

Fortunately, the weather forecast was right and the temperature has gone up by 10 degrees, making the running around the yard to gather my belongings, doing the dishes and tidying the place much less painful than it would have been even yesterday.

Travelling in uncertain times, they say. I am reminded of the first generation AA folk who were asked why they seemed calm as Pearl Harbour shook the US. Their reply: We have had our Pearl Harbour. While not an alcoholic, I am with them here as in some other aspects of the new orientation.

What I seem to have shaken off, to a new degree at least, just very recently: Looking for an authority outside my own experience.

“Be your own teacher”, Martine Batchelor.

“Trust your experience and stay with what feels right”, Diane Winston.

I hope, I pray that these uncertain times will help more people to become aware –

time on earth

finite – vast universe

both within


Snoopy Under the Stars | Shirtigo

room to be free to be

different to disagree –

in peace


~ by Barbara S on November 30, 2021.

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