clean bill

all liver values in the green –

restores my energy:


*Just believing

makes me feel better

received my blood test result today; three months after general check-up test 3 months ago. All fine. Despite still being more tired than I’d like to be, I find my energy level rising immediately. I have mainly taken my previous favourite tipple off the menu – which included artificial sweetener as well as alc. Both can be an insult to the liver. I stayed off alc completely for about 1.5 months and have since taken the occasional brandy or prosecco. Much less artificial sweeteners, only an occasional diet coke which like with a good splash of lemon juice.

I have found a healthy substitute for lemonade etc: Sparkling water with 2 spoonfuls of cider vinegar per .25l. Sometimes I have even included a few drops of turmeric tincture which gives a dry taste and a nice yellow colour.

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That does not mean all my concerns are off. My mobility issues will be mirrored by the slightly raised infection value from August. Herbal inflammatory is still on the agenda. Plus orthopedic consult next month.

However, the quick turnaround on those liver values is encouraging as is the resolution of a major source of grief and insult (which weaken the liver).


~ by Barbara S on November 29, 2021.

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