Exploring Basho’s Moon

very educational piece; part of me wonders though whether the moon, as the clouds are, in Basho’s spirit, is rather observed in silence and the verse then aiming to convey that, as it were – that’s the way I read Robert Aitken’s writing on Basho:
moon shine
clouds shifting
my night observance

Naturalist Weekly

Several weeks ago I posted a collection of Poems about the Moon.  The poems in that essay ranged from Louisa May Alcott, to Li Bai, to Kobayashi Issa. However, the poem that stood out for me the most was Basho’s haiku about the moon.

The moon glows the same:
It is the drifting cloud forms
Make it seem to change
 --Matsuo Basho

As I copied down this poem, I began to think about the meaning of this poem.  My first thought was that Basho seemed to be highlighting how our perceptions of reality can be altered by our internal thoughts. 

There is a Mahayana Buddhist concept called the Two Truths that seems to capture this idea. The Two Truths talks about the relationship “between absolute reality-whatever that may be-and the relative world we inhabit.” Lion’s Roar explains that relative truth “includes all the dualistic phenomena- ourselves, other beings, material…

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~ by Barbara S on November 28, 2021.

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  1. Hi Barbara, Thanks for sharing!

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