Autistic behaviour neurohormone cheatsheet and why the ocean is good for me. – Guest post

– am wondering whether some of the behaviour/coping mechanisms he describes are (more) typical for boys than girls…

Rory's Reckons

The suppression of natural stims -> escalating stress and unhappiness -> having a ‘tantrum’ in public a lot -> being chastised for that and stopping -> intestinal issues and alexithymia.

You can retarget stims to safer ones, but they need to do the same thing neurohormonally.

Nothing worse than your parents hitting you up for tantrums (meltdowns) so you start running away to do them also. This is exactly what happened to me. They made out like I was trying to run away from home because I hated them, I was trying to regulate, I didn’t know this.

I mean on some level I did hate them, because they were antagonising me to make me run away. I never used to coke bottle on the way home from school when I had to walk home, because I had time to just do my own stuff. Like go on swings… Except…

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~ by Barbara S on November 28, 2021.

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