Trout on New Year’s Eve

On today’s d’Verse Poetry challenge ‘Epiphany in the Time of Holiday’ I am offering an oldie of mine:

Trout on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Trout

decorated on a platter –

without expectations


Two German New Year’s Eve traditions as I knew them, are conflated here: One is to create little figurines from liquidised lead poured into cold water to guess what the New Year will bring from the shapes that emerge – and the other, of course, eat trout. Happiness was absent from the family meals in my family of origin as long as I can think. It took me a long time to turn that around… And now, a new tradition: My poet friend Hazel Warren of UK Nottingham’s DIY Poets and I bonded over this poem….

~ by Barbara S on November 16, 2021.

27 Responses to “Trout on New Year’s Eve”

  1. I like the unforced humor and sanguine disposition of the persona: who knew trout on a platter could be so calming as the old year turns into the new?

  2. What a lovely offering, filled with love and no expecations. That is just the best way to welcome the new year.

  3. The last line, New Year and no expectations—bleak.

  4. I love haiku. The 3rd line here really cuts in…is that really true…yes….and the realisation is there…

  5. And now I know when to have that lovely trout that has been in the freezer!

  6. Sometimes it is best to enter the new year without too many expectations. Sometimes the shortest poems say the most!

  7. Fish for the Jewish New Year is also a thing! I think it represents fertility.


  8. It’s the being without expectations that’s the hardest part

  9. Entertainment + education …. a great read.

  10. I love the way something festive becomes something ordinary…

  11. Nice one. Thanks for the process note


  12. It is wonderful to learn of different traditions being followed all over the world. ‘without expectations’ is a good way to start a new year.

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