Communication Breakdown

food for thought from the guy who pointed out that therapy does not work it the therapist hides behind a professional shield, rightly I think -. More than anything it reminds me of another comment – if neurotypical didn’t think they had the one right way – we wouldn’t have communication issues….

Rory's Reckons

In regard to the sharing a personal anecdote when people tell you something I want to explain a bit why this gets to me so much. There’s a host of reasons, but mainly it comes down to how empathy works for me personally.

There are times in my life where this has gone right, but I realise now that I have been pushed out from friend groups for using this method of communication. I have also heard:
“Why do you make everything about you?”
“OMG shut up”
“Yeah I get it you had a rough life” *snarky*

I have OCD – my biggest fear is that I am a terrible or unmoral person – this came from a lifetime of being referred to as a bad kid from a really young age. I was certain I was going to be doomed to be awful. One of my fears is that…

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~ by Barbara S on November 14, 2021.

3 Responses to “Communication Breakdown”

  1. Interesting. I would have thought that therapists would be aware and conversant in multiple communication styles and be able to determine the communication style that their patient uses and mirror that. Then again I’ve not had much if any experience with psychologists. As far as communicating it is fraught with peril – whether you are neurotypical or neurodivergent!

    • thanks Muri – but I am afraid, in my experience it is not experience it is possible

    • thanks Muri – but I am afraid, in my experience it is not experience it is not only possible to, get through therapy training with the false self fully intact underneath, but that flexibility you assume, requiring authenticity, remains a dream for the vast majority.

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