Apocalypse – May 1972 – updated Nov 2021

roaring and breaking
lava spitting – glow
flowing – a new universe

One morning when I was 17, I woke from a dream with a sense of relief breathing in all cells of my body:
The almost abstract picture I had seen was – the world coming to an end, yet, at the same time I knew, even in the dream: The world is SAFE: This is simply transformation – something new is coming, growing.
Reflecting on this now, over 40 years later, I realise that it built on the experiences I had when I was 9 years old. Yet, the pervading sense of Trust was fresh. Is ever fresh when I remember the dream.
Not that I shared the dream or the sense of Trust that remained with me, inside, with anybody.

Is sharing even possible? Or are such deep experiences by their very nature excluding other people?

I di not at 17 reflect n the reading of the dream as my inner universe coming up for a transformation. That came much later. 

Today. as I struggle with fatigue compiling a legal bundle for a case on social justice, struggle mainly because of fatigue, I remember and  reflect on all manner of ways to red the dream. One is a response in my mind to an email informing me of  how many species are going extinct.

From a corner I did not expect it, from a senior professional, I received an encouragement for my current dilemma – simply by someone saying ‘I know exhaustion …’

empathy pervades

a new universe – at a desk somewhere

in town 


foot note: This post was first published on this blog in 2015, the dream first recorded in the late 1980s

~ by Barbara S on November 4, 2021.

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