late autumn

feeble sun for company

I stretch as

plans evolve

Logistics becoming a bit easier to handle as I become familiar with easier rules for cross-border travel, my joy in planning a trip returns, – it is a bit like a composition : I have a rough idea what I want to get done or experienced within my means and I take steps, and cross-steps, and review, and turn sideways and eventually a picture emerges of what I am going to do.

All I have to do then – is to enjoy the present moment as best I can. And I am glad to realise that becomes easier the more I realise that writing is an essential part – whatever I do, writing about it is the completing act, the liberating act, the concluding, the reflective act – the dialogue that IS prayer.

I have work to do to improve my health – and I may not know all the steps needed for that yet, but I have taken a new step – from envisioning the outcome to self coaching. Some years back I bought

Life Coach in a Box – now I have dusted it off and am beginning to use it. A little bit anxious, if not scared, a little bit curious and with insatiable hope..

I value my resilience which becomes more present with daily acupressure. I want to overcome crushing fatigue and my addiction to refined carbohydrates. So far I sense that none of the dietary concepts I have studied seems to meet my needs – or my lack of executive functioning stamina prevents me from seeing it. So I will need to take some advice. I feel I need an anchor, in some principles and concepts onto which I can fall back on when in doubt.

free to be alone

free to work things out

not to fail

And I am re-learning, that good films are spiritual nourishment for me – in a way religion never could.

reality its own mirror

play in earnest



~ by Barbara S on November 2, 2021.

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