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beyond belief

cells influenced by trauma

my parents suffered

guiding body mind spirit

stable base* even just

not thinking about it


Having gained great benefit (with some trial and error elements) from homeopathy self treatment, encouraged by some docs even, I have in the process acquired a book that looks at key remedies from their effect on psychological types. Not something I feel I ned to consult much at the moment – or do I ?

For unknown reasons, and without the grid of panels underneath the mattress having been changed, my mattress in my live-in caravan seems to be sinking under my seat. So I have decided, after some trial and error attempts at DIY, that the biggest book I have, put underneath the mattress, might just provide protection from that sinking. So I am now, literally, sitting on insights of homeopathy.


~ by Barbara S on October 30, 2021.

2 Responses to “healing?”

  1. I wonder if the words will elevate your slumber, or if there is the possibility of osmosis? If so would the unconscious mind be able to sort and choose those remedies most appropriate for health of body, mind, and spirit?? I hope this book works wonders in correcting what ails your mattress!

    • lol – well I have explored some elements of energy meds, otherwise why would I use homeopathy for self treatment – but so far I draw the line at osmosis from a book. But then what do I know where sudden intuition and such like come from? It is safe to say my mattress and my bum sitting take to the book no questions asked. 🙂

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