bridge over troubled water

alive to go with the flow –

breathing tenderness

Among my basic and modest morning yoga stretches is the attempt to do a version of the bridge; for the first time in a while

I felt like – stretching myself to that. Immediately I could almost hear Simon and Garfunkel sing the refrain of this song from my youth….

The other day I had a question in my mind how to unify my life, make it cohesive, if that makes sense at all. Now I think perhaps

going with the flow and stretching myself in the process is more important. Unrelated to this, or is it, I felt prompted to change the

title of my blog. There is a reason why I my theme of deep attraction to Carmel spirituality finds its focus with the tree in front of

the entrance to the monastery on Mt. Carmel. And my lack of religion is only one of them. Protecting my invisible state of retreat

is one thing, engaging with everything I encounter when I can, as I feel it deeply, is the other side. There is no religion between me

and the world, remember. Even here, the recent quote from George Monbiot’s talk at his unloved alma mater fits: Survival requires


~ by Barbara S on October 29, 2021.

One Response to “bridge”

  1. Change is life and lack of change is death. Change and change again!!!

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