for new growth in spring

wild rose bush trimmed

at dusk – still limping

When I knew earlier I would have to – again – prepare a full bundle for permission to appeal as I did last year in the spring before the Court lost it, and by tomorrow at that, I was not ready to start working. I have slowly learned to trust that bodily sense that says, no, sit…: – no more dismissing it as procrastination, but listen to it, as it is now. First was trimming the wild rosebush at dusk, leaving branches on the ground to be raked up tomorrow. A couple branches are too high up for me, have to ask a neighbour to apply my shears. Standing there on the grass, I notice my injured knee, even without pain, leaves me unsteady. Going back to plans to do something about that, but not today. Perhaps I should think about getting a tricycle like the one I saw a woman on this afternoon?

Cutting the wild rose – the plant that is said to treat lethargy, refreshes me. My outlook shifts slightly.

I am still hungry, but not ready to prepare a meal. So I am sitting here, again.


~ by Barbara S on October 27, 2021.

3 Responses to “tasks”

  1. The pressure is relieved and hunger pushed away and soon action is taken!!

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