ADHD Acceptance Month – Identity Language

love the translation he gives: Attention goes to many things…

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ADHD Butterfly Source

Person-first language can get in the garbage

I took a long time to understand this as I have dyslexia and I struggle to understand new grammatical concepts. But I had it explained to me visually and then it made sense.

I am not a person “with ADHD”. It’s not an accessory. It’s not something that I take with me. It’s a core part of my identity therefore it should be identity first. It will always define who I am in some way – if you split the ADHD from who I am through a “cure”, I wouldn’t be me.

I am an ADHDer or I am an ADHD person.

My favourite term for ADHD is the Reo Māori kupu:

Aroreretini – meaning ‘attention goes to many things’ [Pronunciation here]

This is more accurately a representation of how I experience being an Aroreretini tangata(person).

Let’s break…

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~ by Barbara S on October 26, 2021.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!

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