As I have said before, I am very resourceful- that does not stop me from re-inventing the wheel. As my (unknown to him) mentor in things Aspergic, Andrew Basden, says: Things that come automatic to neurotypical people (NTs), AS has to think about, even think about deeply. Actually, he quotes there the clinician who diagnosed him, and thus lays bare the prejudice about AS so-called normal people hold. In reality, it may just be the other way round: If they were not so set in their ways we did not have any communications issues. NTs thinking they have it all figured out is the real problem. Really, they are just stuck in their way of thinking. AS, however, are the creative ones – because they, we have to. And, once acknowledged – we have all the joy in figuring things out. We may not run naked from the bath like you-know-who, but we own the joy of being creative.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if NTs found the inner creative, the inner AS? Then we could come up with new solutions to new and old problems together.

These thoughts were triggered by a trivial chance finding: If I keep my knee bandage on at night, in bed, I save myself the excruciating pain first thing in the morning when limping to the loo – which sets me up for groaning and moaning about my knee injury, even thinking of an op – I might not need.

Another symptom remaining, I find it easier now to come up with a practical solution.

fell and stretched

sore calf: takes well

to pressure*


*using a painful local point for acupressure I have not found on clinical maps

All my life I have suffered from aches and pains and have only been lucky with Doctors consulted in one respect: Only one said it was all in my head. the others turned pensive, looking at their writing pad or computer screen. Thanks for – nothing.

Now, approaching seventy, I live my own way, be it AS or NT.

~ by Barbara S on October 25, 2021.

2 Responses to “roundabout”

  1. Health is facilitated when you are in tune with your body. Doctors can be helpful but they do not know you like you know you!

    • have just found a way to set up my chi gong tree practice indoors while looking at a timer with funky music in the background. It sound strange but it gives me strength from inside. Thanks.

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