ADHD Acceptance Month – ADHD Political Issue

essential read – not only for some, nay many clinicians I can think of:

Rory's Reckons

ADHD Butterfly Source

There are some horrifying statistics in regards to ADHD – 25-35% of prison populations are ADHD people with it unmanaged. There are even more alarming trends when you begin to pick that apart.

The School-to-Prison Pipeline

I have written about this before in regards to me. I have been allowed leniency in my younger life when I was a “troubled youth” – you can read that here.

When I was young teachers hated me – I was disruptive, too loud, fidgety, “a smart ass”. I was told off repeatedly for helping others rather than working on my own work (my first ever school report mentioned this). I spent a lot of my education outside the classroom – secluded.

I ditched school one day when I was 14 and got caught shoplifting on the same day (goaded by peer pressure – I stopped being friends with my…

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~ by Barbara S on October 25, 2021.

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