refreshed from bubbling spring

forging calm – on to new

projects to complete


referring to narrative for acupressure points Kidney 1 and Liver 3 – they can easily be pressed together; feeling well after – 🙂

The Snoopy Show Review: The Beagle Remains a Blessing

~ by Barbara S on October 24, 2021.

3 Responses to “wanderer”

  1. Finding that sense of wellbeing is a delight for body and mind. Some don’t acknowledge the connection between the two!

    • oops – wp just went and ate your comment. It happens in my webmail a/c all the time – I didn’t know wp could do it too

      • … in the eve, I feel closer to cabin fever than bliss – quarantine plus abstinence to please my liver is a bit much. I am seriously thinking of going late night shopping or some brandy. Grrr. Can someone please talk me out of it? 😉

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