health warning

whether you are affected by religion in a positive or in a negative way; be warned – I am going to ask you to sit back, relax and give it all up, in a moment.

First, I need to report that my adaptive yoga stretching had to be cancelled this morning – I woke up late, but just in time to take my post-travel covid test to the post box, allowing myself a cup of coffee first.

I will do my standing tree exercise later, but I can’t do more than a few minutes of that at the moment. so sitting will have to do for the moment

Now, are you sitting comfortably, ready to let an image arrive?

Let all religion flow out of you, just sit with your feet on the ground, your back straight maybe resting at the back of the chair. or sofa.

sitting like a tree

my heart for the world

even if it breaks

After the intro, now let the image arrive at your eyes, as it were, don’t look at it, let it look at you. And still no religion.

Mary Most Holy Mother of All Nations 080 Art Print by William Hart McNichols

Trying to find the image earlier, I came across a wikipedia page talking about a Dutch woman who after 1945 for many years had visions of a figure calling herself The Mother.

And I wonder, what might have happened if someone said to her and those near her – forget about religion… just leave it. –


I have modelled this post on an experience many years ago, directing a psychodrama workshop for women who had had religion stuffed down their throat when growing up and now were suitably allergic to it.

When looking at not dissimilar picture, they felt disgusted – it was just too much…

So we did a body scanning exercise, sitting as I invited you – they closed their eyes. And when opening them again, I invited the group to let the image arrive. – The difference, what was perceived then was quite striking.


~ by Barbara S on October 23, 2021.

5 Responses to “health warning”

  1. interesting! 🙂

  2. Religion is definitely a human construct to attempt to understand the mystery that is the Creator/God/Love. Too many refuse to entertain the idea that God is female as well as male… and here I am trying to explain in a human reference that which is pure spirit and complete mystery. There are many cultures that believe with their hearts while the more western belief is located in their heads. We want proof, DNA confirmation, historical evidence…

    • what I find interesting or even inspiring in this modern icon is that it seems to cut through the kitsch by putting the globe at the heart …

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