Today I received a book in the post. Ok, it’s not that uncommon an event in my book worm household. But this one will make a difference, together with its two sisters: I feel well equipped to tackle the health issue I need to tackle and more.

For years, I have had a practical book listing points to use – cross-referencing and easy to look up, together with the author’s advice: no need to press them all, one or two may suffice.

Then recently, something an acupuncturist said pointed me back to how important self treatment is for me, and also opened a window to the spiritual element or meaning of this particular treatment.

So, I got a second book Spritual Portaits… which is not as easy to cross reference but with practice I get it, and with some page markers.

The biggest rand delight so far: A point I had been using for years due to a temporary painless paralysis of one arm , followed by some chronic pain – here stands for\: Claim your spiritual authority. Well, I’d better. If not at 67, – when.

Today, I received the third one: Acupressure for Emotional Healing. This completes the collection.

At the moment, I am having enough specific symptoms to start pragmatically from the respective points, and as I center, and wait for healing, envision healing, I shall make more and more connections.

Have already today picked up one point for an important theme at the moment: Being assertive rather than venting anger. Again, the point fits with some local discomfort. I like that the third book is co-authored by the expert who wrote #1 and a woman who also has some training and experience in other healing modalities.That covers 2 more angles I may occasionally need.

And all that comes back to living, enhancing living of the simple prayer beyond prayer that has become my life’s theme, nay has been uncovered as having been my life’s theme all along:

sitting like a tree

reaching into open sky

roots deep


~ by Barbara S on October 22, 2021.

5 Responses to “acupressure”

  1. The tree roots drink deep
    Give and take symbiosis
    Releasing the pain

    Love that you have found self healing beneficial for body and soul/mind.

  2. the simple prayer beyond prayer that has become my life’s theme,

    Barbara – could you please say a bit more about this concept for me?


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