human kindness

during lockdown, I heard several times people saying, in the end we’ll realise how little we need, … family is all that matters…

while I agree with the first part without doubt – I am skeptical about the second. And not just because I had to leave my family of origin to survive, 45 yrs ago.

Having since learned how we are all connected – and not just with those workers in Punjab or China we order cheap items from, I believe human kindness is a more appropriate common denominator.

And I am saying that as someone who has very recently sworn at someone I love dearly – because his interference became intolerable.

I also think, we have another common denominator – living on this beautiful nearly wrecked world, spinning in space, full of wonders and wonder.

As for little acts of human kindness, on my 6 days of travel, I have been fortunate to be at the receiving end of several – be it the lady working sunday at the only shop open in town who gave me a toilet roll from her staff loo as they didn’t sell any and i had run out – or the owner of the posh (and I mean posh) furniture shop who let me test-sit on one of their chairs on the shop floor while waiting for my covid test result, taking the wait of my injured knee and – gave me a free cup of coffee while I waited. Or, last night, the owner of a coffee shop at St Pancras station, who brought me a cup of coffee out when I was not able to join the queue standing inside – and would not take any money in the end.

I can be as grumpy as the best of them, but I still wish to be part of the hidden community of human kindness if I am allowed in.

Thinking now of the woman in Cologne who single-handed started a charity helping homeless, and she knew why. She just gathered through fb enough donations and support to get a woman from the other end of the country back on her feet.

Our hearts warmed by other’s kindness we can extend our own AND be stubborn enough to stand up against structural injustice wherever we see or know someone affected.

That is, in my view, how ‘we are all in this together’.

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~ by Barbara S on October 21, 2021.

8 Responses to “human kindness”

  1. Amen! Barbara I believe that the definition of family has in this modern era been changed from the narrow idea of blood relatives living in the same home/town, to be wider to include those we feel a connection with by dint of interests, activities, goals, or ideals. Kindness connects many hearts. I’m so happy you were able to enjoy that connection!!

  2. your philosophy resonates deeply with me Barbara, well said! So glad you encountered so much kindness … it brings a smile 🙂

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