Truth not sham – guest poem: Andrew Basden

We seek truth, not sham;
Reality, not opinion.
We say it like it is,
With no hidden agendas.
We’re not imprisoned in what others think.

We like the best, the right,
Valuing every detail.
We’re direct; single-minded,
Focusing intensely,
We seek the optimum in each thing we do.

We think in different ways;
We try the unusual.
We work new things out
To their logical end –
Bequesting new ways of understanding things.

We are loyal, not scheming;
We eschew selfish gain.
We keep at it to the end,
We like to please everyone,
Disillusioned if we let anything down.

We see meaning in all.
We empathise ‘the other’ –
Animals, objects, habits,
People, young and old –
We dignify all who’re overlooked by the crowd.

Sensitive to nuances
That others don’t see,
We attend to the small
And link things differently.
We are artists – our medium is life itself.

(Verses copyright (C) Andrew Basden 2008.)


~ by Barbara S on October 17, 2021.

4 Responses to “Truth not sham – guest poem: Andrew Basden”

  1. Andrew Basden sought and received diagnosis as Asperger’s in his forties (if I am right – after he had tenure as an academic) 🙂

  2. in the early 00s, during a research sabbatical, I was once asked to give a presentation on how I would fill the role of some some semi-public service scheme. I did as asked as well as I could and – ended with the sentence: What I am not good at, though, is to work with a hidden agenda. – Unsurprisingly, I did not get the job. 🙂

  3. This almost reads like a horoscope… I’m guessing that your presentation during the research sabbatical was a blessing. At least you recognized that it was not a good fit as did they. Saved everyone heartache in the end…

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