human-rights-free zone?

The UK’s current justice secretary is on record saying he wanted to repeal the Human Rights Act, using the example of someone who allegedly did not pay child maintenance but then is said to have used the right to family life (Art 8 HRA) against deportation. Well, how the HRA fits onto a 17th century legal system is perhaps another story. Here is one how mental health patients and those speaking up for them can fare – written by volunteer citizens’ journalists:

  • never thought I would publish this article here, but on Friday I sensed it to be right – for unrelated reasons, I felt faint and weak, as I was sitting at the viewing area in the bike shop again. For unrelated reasons again, as I was sitting there straight – miserable, yet alert – the thought came to me from beyond thinking: – when I die, in 20 years time or whenever – this is something I was meant to do.
  • ===

~ by Barbara S on October 11, 2021.

7 Responses to “human-rights-free zone?”

  1. I would love to read the article but the link takes me to a page that says the article cannot be found… 😦

  2. I read this article and I’m incensed! At least in the US there are safeguards for whistleblowers. And even so there can at times be backlash (but dismissal from employment and blacklisting is not permitted).

    • well it is not permitted BY LAW here either – clever lawyers just have to discredit you first, even if they have to bend the law to breaking point (in my case that was ignoring all professional guidelines I was supposed to and did work to); and yes, the anonymity for WB in the US is something discussed here as a possibility… but the whole system is so rotten. It probably needs a revolution bad… and 200 years late. Sigh. Thanks for reading. I got a major boost from the guys writing the article.

    • just had mail from the Court that my case has been issued which is a huge relief – I can’t help myself but share – it had been in limbo/pre-sifting since beginning of pandemic. Phew.

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