made my bed

from corpse pose*

to happy baby* – and

all anger in between


*yoga positions I can muster, making peace with my life and some other people I might mention

~ by Barbara S on October 11, 2021.

3 Responses to “made my bed”

  1. Yes – I can do the corpse pose. The happy baby not as easy. Being able to release anger I’m still working on it. 26 years working for evil incarnate has scarred me.

    • :-O tell me. btw I am not so sure I am releasing anger, just accepting it shifts as in Diana Winston’s MFM or Matt’s silence-around (the latter saw me through 10 years of emotional abuse as a child but in puberty I pushed it away to my detriment).

    • that sounds tragic – 26 years working for evil…?

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