Poem – my business is not who I am in the world

Sarah, a prolific writer herself, here shares someone else’s valid thoughts on identity and work:

Sarah K Reece

I read this fabulous article tonight about objectification at work, How to build a life: A profession is not a personality.

It was posted on the ever brilliant and relevant Freelance Jungle, the best mental health resource for Australian freelancers I’ve come across. It reminded me of a poem I wrote in my journal a few years ago when I was wrestling with my obsession with work. When I was sick and unemployed I struggled deeply without a public identity because that is usually our work. Struggling to figure out work left me tangled and defining my self and life in ways that disempowered and wounded me. I recall listening once to a fabulous presentation at a world hearing voices conference when one of the speakers told us he felt as defined and limited by his public identity as a psychiatrist as he used to by his public identity…

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~ by Barbara S on October 10, 2021.

3 Responses to “Poem – my business is not who I am in the world”

  1. Hi Barbara, Sarah has a very interesting website. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have seen this in the workforce. I had a boss who went through a midlife crisis because he turned 50 and hadn’t yet achieved the research breakthrough that he had set as his goal. His depression was compounded because he didn’t have any hobbies or interests outside of work. I saw it happen and immediately set about planning for retirement. My plan involved cultivating friendships outside work, taking up hobbies and getting involved in groups and organizations not work related! I’m happy to say I am not defined by my work!!

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