positivity or what?

Like many others, I have been watching on fb a lone Sikh dancer Gurdeep P bringing the Canadian wilderness to our lockdown world – with a smile or sometimes a grin as I’d never stand a chance with any of his swinging of arms and legs.

His message: Positivity. Being out in nature helps with that. So far so good. Beautiful pictures of beautiful nature help to remind that it’s still a beautiful world.

I admit I have also been watching a lone locksmith in the Lake District in the North of England: His spaniel saved him from deep depression to say the least and he is now paying forward by live videoing his walks with by now 3 spaniels. Beautiful countryside, a bit closer to home in this case. Kerry can even be a little bit tired or even grumpy but as he says a walk out with a spaniel never fails to lift your mood.

I have had great respect for the Sikhs ever since a Sikh bus driver in North Wales turned out to be one of a handful of people throughout who saw me deeply. But that’s another story.

At the moment, I have to be honest, I relate to the grumpy Northener more than the dancer and that’not simply because I am stiff and can’t swing my limbs, or at least not only because of that.

As Kerry walks and talks, he engages with social reality, with his feet on the ground. And with the landscape.

And then I read some one’s sentence – the world does not need more positivity but people who can stand engaging with the complex reality – and keep going with it… (quoted from memory).

Of course, to refresh vitality – dance is a wonderful thing. And a walk in nature is a wonderful thing, too. Dogs certainly are wonderful.

What seems to matter for a good life as humans though is not to end up adding to the world what Greta Thunberg calls bla bla bla. But substance. Engaging with what’s going on. Really engaging,


How admirable

he who thinks not ‘Life is fleeting’

When he sees the lightning!*


*Basho as translated by RH Blyth, quoted from Robert Aitken, A Zen Wave, 1978

~ by Barbara S on October 5, 2021.

2 Responses to “positivity or what?”

  1. The pandemic showed a sharp contrast between living and surviving. A walk in nature is really living in the physical world. Positivity is living in your head. Both are good but as you conclude having a connection with the physical landscape can “ground” us!

    • agreed – I envision that others may experience it differently – of course, Gurdeep dances in nature; mine is just a very subjective response, at the moment. Thanks.

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