as tough as they come…

the ash tree beng replanted and waiting for next spring to come to life,

a new budding tree-to-be has shown up in the little compost corner of my back yard. I can only assume that some of the seeded veg I put on attracts birds who in turn leave their calling cards… the leaves so far to me look like it could be hornbeam, described by the Woodland Trust: ‘As tough as they come…’. Suits me just fine. Only it is coming out again right from under the wall bordering neighbour’s. So far it is about 15 cm high and spreading out to 20cm, with a couple of branches. Shall wait and see. I have a feeling the stem may not be quite as woody straight away as the ash tree, so perhaps I have a bit of time to decide where to put it. Or could it be a kind that grows in hedges, if there is such a type?… (Later) – I have now looked behind the shed into the 40cm gap between shed and wall and found there is another wannabe-tree of the same kind, perhaps 1.5m high and rather anorexic-looking, not surprising as its not getting any care and not much light there.


~ by Barbara S on September 24, 2021.

3 Responses to “as tough as they come…”

  1. … getting over 300 years old. Amazing.

  2. Sound like a very hearty tree. We have to battle Ailanthus altissima aka Tree of Heaven. It is invasive and a real pain. I think it is worse than the black walnuts that have poisoned the soil in my back yard…

    • oh I better watch out – have only heard of black walnut as herbal remedy for bacterial infection I think – bought it one year and then didn’t need it. So it’s still in the fridge, the little bottle. I keep forgetting what it’s for, looking it up again etc.

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