going on a bear hunt…Guest: poet Michael Rosen


we’re not scared…

I don’t know whether beautiful Michael Rosen’s beautiful children’s’ poem has reached across the pond, but it came to mind this morning: I am going on a demo tonight. The local council have decided to chop some trees, beautiful old ones, in the middle of town – apparently to create some parking space (perhaps at the bequest of the new owner of a rather large building, I have to find out). Apparently I have been asleep over the summer when they have already cut one, apparently illegally. Now they want to make it legal. And a group of us are turning up at the council offices before they go in for their meeting.

It would only be infuriating and not absolutely ridiculous if there was not a big sign greeting you when you enter the council building ‘making… our town greener… we can all be proud off…’ and the same message greeting you on the phone when they keep you on hold. Ha –

Parking means income. So that’s what. I have pointed out, that 200 yards across the road is an underused super market car park. So? (The company might own that land…)

The local rag had in July a photo of a 7-yr-old with family protesting. So I’ll join them tonight.


~ by Barbara S on September 23, 2021.

2 Responses to “going on a bear hunt…Guest: poet Michael Rosen”

  1. PS for the tree chop – read in the paper today that the first one was chopped down upon say-so from a children’s nursery – neither they nor the tree surgeon bothered to check whether it was protected, claiming it was a safety risk to kids… well. The tree surgeon should have known better at least. They might argue that the Council is not always quick to take sensible decisions in the interest of the public… (sigh)…

  2. PS for Michael Rosen – I believe he is on youtube reciting his poem. It’s worth it: go and see; don’t wait until you have grandkids either. 🙂

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