moon dust

gathering his balance like a toddler

Armstrong’s feet as he looks up

earth in the dark

I am listening to the audio version of the book by Andrew Smith, with a foreword for the 50th anniversary of the event of the first moon landing. The author charmingly includes his own 8-year-old perspective on the event.

A slightly daunting task for me – 14 CDs. They fell into my hand from the library shelf, timely that – as I include in the paper I am writing the novelty for my generation and my parents’ to be the first who actually can see earth as one whole – although seeing her as gaia, a living being, took some more time to arrive.

Part of me could lose myself in the listening but – I have a paper to write about the human difficulty to hold two truths, or even two perspectives at the same time. And, perhaps, that Greta Thunberg may be right when she says, ‘sometimes it seems as if we, with AS, are the only ones who can see through the noise.’

For now, this Andrew Smith seems to come close.

(CD 1/14)

~ by Barbara S on September 22, 2021.

2 Responses to “moon dust”

  1. We are “space geeks” in this house… My husband watched 4 hours of the rocket roll out on VHS tape the other day. That’s about as hardcore as it comes… Anyway I remember gathering around the TV and watching the televised moon landing.

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