Ht 7 – again

irritated like hell and fury

I hold my wrist and find –

water off a duck’s back


as I mentioned, I have recently introduced acupressure into my morning meditation routine; today I opened an email that sent me right off into a blast of righteous anger; ha –

as from experience I have learned to wait 3 days before I reply I thought I might as well try a point listed in my guide for irritability – and it worked.

Only afterwards I read up on the spiritual interpretation of how the point gets energy flowing, or rather: a concept of meaning. And this indeed seemed to highlight a theme in my life. So, after a nap, I find myself ‘rather ‘cool’ and content.

~ by Barbara S on September 19, 2021.

5 Responses to “Ht 7 – again”

  1. water ‘of’ a duck’s back? OR ‘off’?

  2. That must have been a doozy of an email! I’ve developed a very think skin having worked for SWMNBN… I’d like to know more about this acupressure. I’ve used some for headache and eye strain but never for irritability! I think it might be a very handy thing to know!!

    • thanks for replying. tbh I am not too clever decoding typos in my second language, so partly because of that I remain unsure about your first sentence. The point I used is – Ht 7. You can find diagrams with the locations of acupuncture points on the web. Best wishes,

    • also see author w/surname Gaach (US-based) on acupressure, web and book)

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