holding my heart

holding my heart –

all I can be is

realm of possibilities


Since as recent visit to a new acupuncturist I have introduced acupressure into my morning meditation routine, combined with adaptive yoga. I select point from a handbook for self treatment that cross-references physical symptoms. I like that pragmatic approach and – I am also surprised how my felt-sense, my spirit if you like, is being fed and is coming alive as a centred being present. The above haiku is referring to my experience with the point Ht7 (at the wrist), so I am taking some poetic licence here to interpret what I perceive happening.

At the same time, I am accessing a couple of resources (a web site and a book) that directly deal with the spiritual opening through acupuncture/acupressure. Mostly these are oriented towards professional practitioners. That does not stop me. (Caveat: Have to stop myself from substituting practice with reading, though.)

~ by Barbara S on September 17, 2021.

4 Responses to “holding my heart”

  1. Lovely. Also, I tend to fall into the same pattern… Read, read, read…

  2. Hi Barbara, I really like this haiku. The realm of possibilities.

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