no doubt indeed

I need…

no doubt indeed

I need

or so I thought


I step back and

cradle my




part of the message I am getting from my liver at the moment is that I have acquired some less than healthy practices when introducing low carb eating as I remained at 50% of the usual carb amount per day while introducing some foods that might go better with keto – where you go to zero carbs. Now I have to listen beyond the craving to maintain eating that helps my liver heal (as liver does). That is a challenge but can be done. Otherwise I am adding herbal and homeopathic remedies to aid the liver. The money for those would clearly be wasted if I did not at the same time take care of my eating habits.

craving shouts

loud and clear: I WANT…

while the silent quiet voice

repeats: I’d be happy with…


P/S. – on occasion, when I just could not settle for the quiet content voice, I have been known to include my pendulum into the equation… i.e. consult more subtle levels of my knowledge I can’t yet retrieve directly: would a} be ok for me today or b) better? That does the trick then.

PS pretending to enjoy salad is still a step too far for me. I settle for veggies, for now. 😉

~ by Barbara S on September 17, 2021.

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