a new spring 2

hugging my knees

dark velvet – fulfilling my calling

on earth

in my essay/conferences presentation in June last year, I described my calling as having perhaps not done all to heal from abuse in childhood but I had been present for need…

aches and pains may now be telling me it is time to catch up; I have the intuition and I have many tools; the acupuncturist (despite herself?) the other week said 2 interesting sentences as she was working on my knee ‘we can do acupressure’ (instead o needling which was too intense at one point – and: I had been treating the point she found before) and: ‘You don’t even have to come here’. Intuitively and through aches and pains I am guided to the right points. Who am I not to listen?

Have just ordered a book about the spiritual in acupuncture points – for self care and professionals. I am both. So there. However, that does not mean I am retreating from the world.

All I do is always in dialogue, in dialogue with the secular world. The precious one, spinning in space, on its way. With people crying out everywhere … My hour-long meditation in the bike shop viewing area the other day could have told me that perhaps.

owl behind the far trees

starting the day –

assemble my intentions


~ by Barbara S on September 15, 2021.

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