ash tree interim

replanted all leaves withered

of the small stick my chest height

slim branches are greener


for those readers who have not followed the saga: far from being an experienced gardener, I found this little tree, self-seeded, growing in my back yard and took advice from woodland trust as it was too close to a neighbour’s wall. Put on horse manure (too acid) and purchased a small pack of powdered alkaline material to make up for that and am now waiting with the tree…, as I was told it can take up to a year or more to recover.

I like to let events stand as they come and go, not force analogies or patterns observed, but I can’t help noticing that my career has been cut to the quick by a social justice matter I felt I could not avoid making my voice heard in. Due to lack of access to justice, ultimately I had to take the UK government to court for failure to protect me from breaches of the law. Case pending appeal… Why give up when you can make a difference, says Greta Thunberg in the BBC documentary –

I am also thinking of the mental health patients whose lives have been cut to the quick by fears and medication, sometimes for decades, under the care of psychiatrists, where there is no effective advocate.


~ by Barbara S on August 5, 2021.

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