fury by nature

stranger* by name –

sounds more like a career

among Buddhists than Christians

I probably misremember the story about two Buddhist monks travelling, very tired, the elder of the two lets out frustration or accepts some comfort when offered … – the younger one reprimands him, how could he, given the vows they had taken; the elder simply replies ‘but I was tired…’ You have to be honest, acknowledge your needs, be aware of them before you can follow higher principles is how I read the story.

Now that would be a story that could well be a Christian one, a religious one.

But that is not really my problem – I am only a visitor in either religion. So where do I go with my fury?

Some brief ritualised prayers speaking to my own powerlessness may help. The remainder I have to walk off or scream.

If I bite someone’s head off, an apology is the best I can do.


*my first name has Roman and Greek associations – the foreigner in either case: typical, not even that is clear-

~ by Barbara S on July 29, 2021.

One Response to “fury by nature”

  1. The reader may note that the writer is undergoing planned sugar withdrawal which prompted the writing of this piece, but the motives may not be exhausted with the one biographical detail; the writer notes that to write about self she has to become familiar with herself – after first being rather estranged (both notions are elements of ethnographic research and writing, hence also of current autoethnographic work).

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