on my way to the Leisure Centre today, it was so hot, I had to stop and buy an ice cream to go with the diet coke and then push the bike while I was eating my ice cream. Tonight I have considerably more steps on the pedometer than I usual. That either means, my way of cycling is much less strenuous than my walking or it means I can kid myself I am really more active than I think. 😛

Later a listened to a sociologist talking on a few youtube videos – it was – like having prepared food that tastes a bit off and you’re not sure, so take another spoon because you are not sure, and another…



Ice cream | Snoopy, Charlie brown, Charlie brown quotes

~ by Barbara S on July 22, 2021.

One Response to “odd”

  1. with hindsight it feels like the heat created a numbing, dumbing invisible dome I was walking around under and which affected my somewhat speechless perception and impression of the person I watched in 3 I think videos. Judgment remains reserved.

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