… pointing towards mystery…

was today reminded of yoga teacher Matt Sanford saying for him stories did not explain mystery but pointed towards it (quoted from memory; you find him on youtube and elsewhere). For me he is referring to the inspiration from authentic spiritual insight – versus the lame substitute quasi-religious narratives provide secondhand.

Don’t be too strict with me here because I am in fact leaning on somebody else’s spiritual insight and report: Mark S, The Naturalist Weekly, was saying this morning after hearing about the meaning traditionally assigned to moths in supernatural concepts, he ‘could live with mystery’ (I am paraphrasing). So can I. In fact, it seems to me, living in/with awe is lived spirituality – vs lame secondhand quasi-religious narrative (slightly numbing the awe in view of the unknown).

This piece does not end with me referring to Mark’s story – it begins there. Because I had been writing about listening to an owl nearby a lot recently – following reading about the moths, I went and looked up what someone might have said about hearing owls – here goes:

Owls are very territorial and will hoot to claim their territory and ward off intruders. They also hoot to warn off predators nearby. Spiritually, hearing an owl hoot is a sign of needing to set energetic boundaries. Owls carry with them very protective energy and could be warning you of harmful people in your life.” (google result, source not given.)

Wow, that hit home – after I have only been dealing with spiritual intrusion for three years. And very firmly did set boundaries today.

I can return to my own thinking about spiritual vs religious in the quote: Listening to the solitary hidden owl – confirmed my solitary life and strengthened my resolve and joy through the ‘dialogue’. I didn’t need the interpretation. But as it is such a small dose of quasi-religion, I just say – it was nice to get the confirmation of my own living in mystery, strengthened my sense of awe even.


~ by Barbara S on July 14, 2021.

5 Responses to “… pointing towards mystery…”

  1. Hi Barbara, thanks for sharing your own exploration researching the possible spiritual meaning behind the owl you have been writing about. It is so interesting how these things kind of show up for us. And yes, enjoy the mystery and I think, with time, it will make sense. Have a good day!

    • to answer my own question: What I sense with your last bit starting … with time – is you close your mind to mystery. I find it almost physically unpleasant – like somebody being strangled may be too strong ; it reminds me a bit of something I said on your haiku … I think? allow the paradox/mystery to remain in, open-ended. Just my reflection. Thanks for writing.

  2. PS Can I just ask what did you mean by the last sentence… with time it will make sens – and do you remember why you put it ther? Thanks.

    • I believe I was talking about is how sometimes out of chaos comes order. Or perhaps in this case out of sometimes unrelated events, comes a pattern. Then that pattern can reveal an answer.

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