aspects of a life

as I say on my front page, there are several aspects to how I hope to see my life unfold…

Recently, I have found it helps me to start my day with a short poem as a way of checking in with what mostly escapes attention by way of rushing into everyday consciousness.

As I was already halfway through my 20-year research period I call ‘drawing a new world map, someone introduced me to philosopher Bernard Lonergan. Thank you, Prof. Maryanne Confoy RSC. I have written and self-published some academic papers about the little I understand of his massive work.

What I’d like to dip into here are his 4 precepts:

  • Be Attentive
  • Be Intelligent
  • Be Reasonable
  • Be Responsible

As a researcher I may have something to say about how he develops a multi-faceted understanding of what he calls conversion. That does not change the clarity of an outline, not just for my research but for my life in and through these precepts. Practice includes falling short and failing more often than I care to admit, while still protecting my path step-by-step. Accepting healing and working towards it where I don’t seem to be in alignment and – enjoying my life unfolding as Lonergan also describes – towards and as – Being-In-Love.

Reasonable self-protection has for the last 3 years included dealing with someone I was once close to (and in some ways still am) who persisted in manipulating my energy in subtle ways. A learning curve of its own, it is teaching me to find ways of strengthening my inner attentiveness while also protecting my boundaries – in aid of a Greater Love that started me going and has kept me going. Not done yet –

some moments

reach back in time

and forth beyond

PS ‘be intelligent’ basically means to aim to understand as best you can what you are dealing with, e.g. getting information from different angles, view it critically and such-like. Everybody as they can, not depending on IQ or education.

~ by Barbara S on July 9, 2021.

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